Remembering Federico

Remembering Federico

These few lines are ment to remember Federico Pecorini, a colleague who left us prematurely.

Yesterday evening I had the news and tonight I dreamed about him. I like to think that he came to say good bye for the last time.

I remember him when recently joining the Company was sitting in Fabriano offices and we were chatting together, when he came to see me in Istanbul during one of his trips and we talked a lot in my room, when he was sent to Greece and he was asking me suggestions how to handle the channels, or when in the company events we were talking about wind and sea… Always nice, always modest but clearly talented and intelligent. Positive, even last time we saw, a few month ago. He was already bearing the heavy signs of his desease but still talking about future and his passion for the wind…unfortunately he couldn’t make it.

He was bon in 1969, about 15 years after me.

Good bye my friend. Rest in peace.