I cannot say I am a very regular reader but I do read. Especially this period the weather has  not been so good in Istanbul and had to spend several week-end days  at home without the possibility to do what I like best : flying.

Anyway, yesterday I finished a book of Ayşe Kulin, a famous writer in Turkey : Adı Aylın.

It’s the biografy of Aylın Devrimel, a modern turkish lady who died in 1995 in Bedford, New York in misterious circumstances. Her international life and her unusual choises are really interesting and the book flows very well. I read it in turkish, a language that I don’t master one hundred per cent and I’m still learning. In spite of that I couldn’t stop reading and I found it very light and enjoyable.

I’m not sure about the translation in other languages, but I recommend it to everybody.

Soon after reading it I went to a bookstore and purchased another book from the same author:  Nefes nefese.  Outside it is still rainy and I’m starting it now, let’s see.

Hope soon nice weather and good winds will take me out for some nice flights.