First flight of 2012

First flight of 2012

Today the weather forecast said wind from north east about 25-30 km/hr, cloudy and chanses of rain. Not the ideal start but after a long winter I was very eager to fly.

Yesterday I also tried but it was too strong for the first flight and very much to the limit. I really don’t want to have a problem now and since I was feeling very rusty after almost 3 months without touching a glider I just did some kiting on the beach and didn’t take off.

Today it looked even worse but I couldn’t help going.  So I went.

As soon as I arrived I saw that the wind was slightly lighter than yesterday and without hesitation I opened the glider and …go!

About half hour in the air and very very cold. About 5C, humid, still very much winter. But we are in march, a few weeks, days I would say, and spring is coming.

First flight of the season, happy. I hope it will be a beautiful season, full of beautiful flights without problems and inconveniences, without accidents for me and my friends. A season to live at full!