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New Job

  Below is my first interview as Country Manager of Candy Hoover Turkey and I give the true basic explanation why I changed Company. Basically I say, I preferred very much to work in Istanbul than in Europe (Athens) and accepted the opportunity that Candy Hoover group offered. Also a very nice challenge …   Türkiye’de %1,5 pazar payına sahip olduklarını ve bu rakamı %3-4’e çıkarmak istediklerini belirten Candy Hoover Eurosia Ev Gereçleri A.Ş. Ülke Müdürü Andrea Ojetti; “300 bayimiz var ve 1000 bayiye hitap etmeyi hedefliyoruz” diyor. Öncelikle kişisel... Read The Rest →

Always stress the positive

The jornalist asked me to write about the most important advise that affected my professional life. An advise from a boss or maybe from a professor. Of course at my age there are lots of things that in a way or another had an influence so at the beginning it was difficult to aswer. Then I went back to the beginning, the University and the first experiences abroad. It was 1976 and I participated in an exchange of students the University was organizing. I was offered Alexandria in Egypt, an... Read The Rest →

Our Colleague Suat is back

Today our colleague Suat Uflaz came back to office after a long period at home following an operation. Suat was visibly worried a couple of month ago when he came to my office to say good bye. Today he came to me with a big smile and we are also quite happy to see him again among us in full force. Welcome back Suat, hoşgeldin! Share → Tweet

Andrea Ojetti and Prime Minister

Prime Minister Erdogan gave the White Good Companies a prize for the campaign to enhance sales of energy efficient electrical appliances. After the speech he makes negotiation to extend the promotions for one more month or improve it with further discounts. He’s really a charismatic leader, speaks clearly, easy to understand even for me and most important talks common sense. No wonder people vote for him. Share → Tweet


This section is a space that I intend to utilize for events and stories that happen at work. Sometimes we travel, we enjoy time with colleagues, or there is something special to remember. Here it is, a container for good memories  at work. Above picture refers to an article published be Fortune Turkey magazine in May 2010. Share → Tweet