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Back in Istanbul

Finally I’m back in Istanbul and I’m in the mood to write on my blog again. The rule is that after 5 years of residence in a Country you put roots. All Companies say that, but I was hardly beleiving it before experiencing on myself. After over 7 years I was feeling so bad out of Istanbul and I am glad to have had the opportunity to come back. Now I feel like being back at home… This city is full of energy and its like as if being here... Read The Rest →

Angela is graduating

This moment is so important and worth an article on this blog. I will not write much more, just wish Angela the best luck for her future. Share → Tweet

Angela’s first job, congratulations!

Angela had the first, positive interview and got a job! She did all by herself, no help from me or anybody else. Her professor informed her about the opening, just as it happened to me many years ago… I wish you the best future and a successful carrier. Share → Tweet

Remembering Paolo

Today is June 6, birthday of Paolo Grossi prematurely gone in 2005 just before being 45. Paolo was born in 1960 and I met him first in the early 70s as the little brother of my girl friend. Victim of alchool very young he came out of the addiction thanks to Alchoolicos Anonimous. Since then he continued to cooperate with the association all his life helping many many people to heal from the desease. He used to say that once victim of alchool you are always at risk and you... Read The Rest →

Remembering Federico

These few lines are ment to remember Federico Pecorini, a colleague who left us prematurely. Yesterday evening I had the news and tonight I dreamed about him. I like to think that he came to say good bye for the last time. I remember him when recently joining the Company was sitting in Fabriano offices and we were chatting together, when he came to see me in Istanbul during one of his trips and we talked a lot in my room, when he was sent to Greece and he was... Read The Rest →

Cose viste

Cose viste di Ugo Ojetti Mondadori, 1960 (ed.completa) Avagliano 2003 (antologia) 296 pp. 11 euro Un testo letterario può avere validità e significato sotto vari aspetti. C’è il valore letterario tout court, ma sicuramente in molti casi c’è anche il valore documentale, relativo a come l’autore ha cercato di tracciare il proprio ritratto personale di certe situazioni ambientate in un’epoca particolare. Il valore documentale è sempre presente nel buon giornalismo. Più difficile è trovare del giornalismo che abbia un significativo valore letterario, specie al livello di quella prosa d’arte che... Read The Rest →

Ugo Ojetti principe del Gusto

Riporto un articolo del Corriere della Sera su Ugo Ojetti ed i commenti di alcuni lettori. 25/06/2010 Ugo Ojetti principe del gusto Scritto da: Dino Messina alle 16:28 Da domani al 12 settembre in mostra al Centro Matteucci per l’Arte Moderna di Viareggio Capolavori della collezione Ojetti, “Da Fattori a Casorati”. La mostra è un occasione per parlare di un personaggio dimenticato del nostro giornalismo.   Ugo Ojetti scrisse per quarantacinque anni ininterrotti, dal 1898 al 1943, sul «Corriere della sera», ne fu direttore dal 5 marzo 1926 al 18... Read The Rest →


Today I decided to clean up my shoe rack. Too many shoes I thought , let’s throw away those I don’t use anymore. Looks easy but’s it is not. Nowadays we have many shoes, and we wear a different pair every day. So they last long time. Some of my shoes are even 20 years old and still new! Old shoes are  not like any other old garment. They walked with you many years, they took the shape of your feet, and how many memories! Really not easy to throw... Read The Rest →

The nature is like this

Today I went to the home of my parents with Ugo my brother to share their things. Obviously it has been very sad. There was also a letter for us from my mother. She wrote it in 1994, and said we should open it after both of them would be dead. We did it today. There where mostly words of love and recommendations for us. But beside the content, we could recognize her style and it was like hearing her voice again. I could not stop crying. We also thought... Read The Rest →