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New Job

  Below is my first interview as Country Manager of Candy Hoover Turkey and I give the true basic explanation why I changed Company. Basically I say, I preferred very much to work in Istanbul than in Europe (Athens) and accepted the opportunity that Candy Hoover group offered. Also a very nice challenge …   Türkiye’de %1,5 pazar payına sahip olduklarını ve bu rakamı %3-4’e çıkarmak istediklerini belirten Candy Hoover Eurosia Ev Gereçleri A.Ş. Ülke Müdürü Andrea Ojetti; “300 bayimiz var ve 1000 bayiye hitap etmeyi hedefliyoruz” diyor. Öncelikle kişisel... Read The Rest →

Back in Istanbul

Finally I’m back in Istanbul and I’m in the mood to write on my blog again. The rule is that after 5 years of residence in a Country you put roots. All Companies say that, but I was hardly beleiving it before experiencing on myself. After over 7 years I was feeling so bad out of Istanbul and I am glad to have had the opportunity to come back. Now I feel like being back at home… This city is full of energy and its like as if being here... Read The Rest →

Good bye from paragliding friends in Turkey – hoşa kal!

Selam arkadaşlar! Ay sonunda İndesit Türkiye’deki görevimi bitirip İndesit Yunanistan’ a GM olarak tayın olacağım.7 buçuk sene İstanbul’da kaldım, gerçekten uzun bir süre. İnanınki çok çabuk geçti… her dakika çok güzeldi ve her dakikanın tadını çıkartarak geçirdim. Bu maili atarak bütün yamaç paraşütçü arkadaşlarıma teşekkür etmek istiyorum. Aranızda her zaman çok eğlendim ama en önemlisi hiç bir zaman kendimi yabancı hissetmedim. Bunun için hepinize tekrar çok teşekkür ederim. Arkadaşlar Yunanistan çok yakın. Kesinlikle Türkiye semalarında uçmaya döneceğim ama sizin de beni ziyaret edeceğini umut edeceğim. Sevgiler, Andrea Andrea; Yolun açık... Read The Rest →

Angela is graduating

This moment is so important and worth an article on this blog. I will not write much more, just wish Angela the best luck for her future.

Angela’s first job, congratulations!

Angela had the first, positive interview and got a job! She did all by herself, no help from me or anybody else. Her professor informed her about the opening, just as it happened to me many years ago… I wish you the best future and a successful carrier.

Remembering Paolo

Today is June 6, birthday of Paolo Grossi prematurely gone in 2005 just before being 45. Paolo was born in 1960 and I met him first in the early 70s as the little brother of my girl friend. Victim of alchool very young he came out of the addiction thanks to Alchoolicos Anonimous. Since then he continued to cooperate with the association all his life helping many many people to heal from the desease. He used to say that once victim of alchool you are always at risk and you... Read The Rest →

Always stress the positive

The jornalist asked me to write about the most important advise that affected my professional life. An advise from a boss or maybe from a professor. Of course at my age there are lots of things that in a way or another had an influence so at the beginning it was difficult to aswer. Then I went back to the beginning, the University and the first experiences abroad. It was 1976 and I participated in an exchange of students the University was organizing. I was offered Alexandria in Egypt, an... Read The Rest →

Remembering Federico

These few lines are ment to remember Federico Pecorini, a colleague who left us prematurely. Yesterday evening I had the news and tonight I dreamed about him. I like to think that he came to say good bye for the last time. I remember him when recently joining the Company was sitting in Fabriano offices and we were chatting together, when he came to see me in Istanbul during one of his trips and we talked a lot in my room, when he was sent to Greece and he was... Read The Rest →


I cannot say I am a very regular reader but I do read. Especially this period the weather has  not been so good in Istanbul and had to spend several week-end days  at home without the possibility to do what I like best : flying. Anyway, yesterday I finished a book of Ayşe Kulin, a famous writer in Turkey : Adı Aylın. It’s the biografy of Aylın Devrimel, a modern turkish lady who died in 1995 in Bedford, New York in misterious circumstances. Her international life and her unusual choises... Read The Rest →

Cose viste

Cose viste di Ugo Ojetti Mondadori, 1960 (ed.completa) Avagliano 2003 (antologia) 296 pp. 11 euro Un testo letterario può avere validità e significato sotto vari aspetti. C’è il valore letterario tout court, ma sicuramente in molti casi c’è anche il valore documentale, relativo a come l’autore ha cercato di tracciare il proprio ritratto personale di certe situazioni ambientate in un’epoca particolare. Il valore documentale è sempre presente nel buon giornalismo. Più difficile è trovare del giornalismo che abbia un significativo valore letterario, specie al livello di quella prosa d’arte che... Read The Rest →

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