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New Job

  Below is my first interview as Country Manager of Candy Hoover Turkey and I give the true basic explanation why I changed Company. Basically I say, I preferred very much to work in Istanbul than in Europe (Athens) and accepted the opportunity that Candy Hoover group offered. Also a very nice challenge …   Türkiye’de %1,5 pazar payına sahip olduklarını ve bu rakamı %3-4’e çıkarmak istediklerini belirten Candy Hoover Eurosia Ev Gereçleri A.Ş. Ülke Müdürü Andrea Ojetti; “300 bayimiz var ve 1000 bayiye hitap etmeyi hedefliyoruz” diyor. Öncelikle kişisel... Read The Rest →

Back in Istanbul

Finally I’m back in Istanbul and I’m in the mood to write on my blog again. The rule is that after 5 years of residence in a Country you put roots. All Companies say that, but I was hardly beleiving it before experiencing on myself. After over 7 years I was feeling so bad out of Istanbul and I am glad to have had the opportunity to come back. Now I feel like being back at home… This city is full of energy and its like as if being here... Read The Rest →