Mese: Maggio 2012

  • Always stress the positive

    Always stress the positive

    The jornalist asked me to write about the most important advise that affected my professional life. An advise from a boss or maybe from a professor. Of course at my age there are lots of things that in a way or another had an influence so at the beginning it was difficult to aswer. Then […]

  • Remembering Federico

    Remembering Federico

    These few lines are ment to remember Federico Pecorini, a colleague who left us prematurely. Yesterday evening I had the news and tonight I dreamed about him. I like to think that he came to say good bye for the last time. I remember him when recently joining the Company was sitting in Fabriano offices […]

  • Aylin


    I cannot say I am a very regular reader but I do read. Especially this period the weather has  not been so good in Istanbul and had to spend several week-end days  at home without the possibility to do what I like best : flying. Anyway, yesterday I finished a book of Ayşe Kulin, a […]

  • Cose viste

    Cose viste

    Cose viste di Ugo Ojetti Mondadori, 1960 (ed.completa) Avagliano 2003 (antologia) 296 pp. 11 euro Un testo letterario può avere validità e significato sotto vari aspetti. C’è il valore letterario tout court, ma sicuramente in molti casi c’è anche il valore documentale, relativo a come l’autore ha cercato di tracciare il proprio ritratto personale di […]

  • Ugo Ojetti principe del Gusto

    Ugo Ojetti principe del Gusto

    Riporto un articolo del Corriere della Sera su Ugo Ojetti ed i commenti di alcuni lettori. 25/06/2010 Ugo Ojetti principe del gusto Scritto da: Dino Messina alle 16:28 Da domani al 12 settembre in mostra al Centro Matteucci per l’Arte Moderna di Viareggio Capolavori della collezione Ojetti, “Da Fattori a Casorati”. La mostra è un […]

  • Our Colleague Suat is back

    Our Colleague Suat is back

    Today our colleague Suat Uflaz came back to office after a long period at home following an operation. Suat was visibly worried a couple of month ago when he came to my office to say good bye. Today he came to me with a big smile and we are also quite happy to see him […]