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Always stress the positive

The jornalist asked me to write about the most important advise that affected my professional life. An advise from a boss or maybe from a professor. Of course at my age there are lots of things that in a way or another had an influence so at the beginning it was difficult to aswer. Then I went back to the beginning, the University and the first experiences abroad. It was 1976 and I participated in an exchange of students the University was organizing. I was offered Alexandria in Egypt, an... Read The Rest →

Remembering Federico

These few lines are ment to remember Federico Pecorini, a colleague who left us prematurely. Yesterday evening I had the news and tonight I dreamed about him. I like to think that he came to say good bye for the last time. I remember him when recently joining the Company was sitting in Fabriano offices and we were chatting together, when he came to see me in Istanbul during one of his trips and we talked a lot in my room, when he was sent to Greece and he was... Read The Rest →


I cannot say I am a very regular reader but I do read. Especially this period the weather has  not been so good in Istanbul and had to spend several week-end days  at home without the possibility to do what I like best : flying. Anyway, yesterday I finished a book of Ayşe Kulin, a famous writer in Turkey : Adı Aylın. It’s the biografy of Aylın Devrimel, a modern turkish lady who died in 1995 in Bedford, New York in misterious circumstances. Her international life and her unusual choises... Read The Rest →

Cose viste

Cose viste di Ugo Ojetti Mondadori, 1960 (ed.completa) Avagliano 2003 (antologia) 296 pp. 11 euro Un testo letterario può avere validità e significato sotto vari aspetti. C’è il valore letterario tout court, ma sicuramente in molti casi c’è anche il valore documentale, relativo a come l’autore ha cercato di tracciare il proprio ritratto personale di certe situazioni ambientate in un’epoca particolare. Il valore documentale è sempre presente nel buon giornalismo. Più difficile è trovare del giornalismo che abbia un significativo valore letterario, specie al livello di quella prosa d’arte che... Read The Rest →

Ugo Ojetti principe del Gusto

Riporto un articolo del Corriere della Sera su Ugo Ojetti ed i commenti di alcuni lettori. 25/06/2010 Ugo Ojetti principe del gusto Scritto da: Dino Messina alle 16:28 Da domani al 12 settembre in mostra al Centro Matteucci per l’Arte Moderna di Viareggio Capolavori della collezione Ojetti, “Da Fattori a Casorati”. La mostra è un occasione per parlare di un personaggio dimenticato del nostro giornalismo.   Ugo Ojetti scrisse per quarantacinque anni ininterrotti, dal 1898 al 1943, sul «Corriere della sera», ne fu direttore dal 5 marzo 1926 al 18... Read The Rest →

Our Colleague Suat is back

Today our colleague Suat Uflaz came back to office after a long period at home following an operation. Suat was visibly worried a couple of month ago when he came to my office to say good bye. Today he came to me with a big smile and we are also quite happy to see him again among us in full force. Welcome back Suat, hoşgeldin! Share → Tweet