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Flying in Kamshet – India

Some friend asked me informations about Kamshet so I thought it would be nice to write what I know about this site. It’s a good site for people living in Europe because it is flyable between mid october till beginning may, exactely when we are normally keeping our gear guarded somewhere at home. Also it is just 2 hrs from Mumbai, a very important international hub served with direct flights from all major europen airports at good prices. So if you have just one week off it is easy and... Read The Rest →


Today I decided to clean up my shoe rack. Too many shoes I thought , let’s throw away those I don’t use anymore. Looks easy but’s it is not. Nowadays we have many shoes, and we wear a different pair every day. So they last long time. Some of my shoes are even 20 years old and still new! Old shoes are  not like any other old garment. They walked with you many years, they took the shape of your feet, and how many memories! Really not easy to throw... Read The Rest →