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The nature is like this

Today I went to the home of my parents with Ugo my brother to share their things. Obviously it has been very sad. There was also a letter for us from my mother. She wrote it in 1994, and said we should open it after both of them would be dead. We did it today. There where mostly words of love and recommendations for us. But beside the content, we could recognize her style and it was like hearing her voice again. I could not stop crying. We also thought... Read The Rest →

Andrea Ojetti and Prime Minister

Prime Minister Erdogan gave the White Good Companies a prize for the campaign to enhance sales of energy efficient electrical appliances. After the speech he makes negotiation to extend the promotions for one more month or improve it with further discounts. He’s really a charismatic leader, speaks clearly, easy to understand even for me and most important talks common sense. No wonder people vote for him. Share → Tweet

A week end in Vienna

To finish our Xmas holidays we decided to spend a week end in Vienna. I had been in the past but only on short business visits and long    time ago. A nice decision indeed. The city center is beautiful and the atmosphere special in the winter. Transportation easy and everyhing is within reach by Metro. We walked walked and walked for two days. Visited all the classical turistic places including Hofburg palace and Schönbrunn, had lots of beer and wiener schnitzel… I recommend a week end in Vienna Share →... Read The Rest →


This section is a space that I intend to utilize for events and stories that happen at work. Sometimes we travel, we enjoy time with colleagues, or there is something special to remember. Here it is, a container for good memories  at work. Above picture refers to an article published be Fortune Turkey magazine in May 2010. Share → Tweet

Holidays in Bad Hofgastein

I really loved this holiday, first after long time with Angela and Pier Maria. Snow and mountains  made a perfect atmosphere for Xmas and New Year , nice family company made the rest!   My christmas gift and my mascotte for 2012 Share → Tweet